E-Read My Lips: No Extra Spending

E-ReaderI want an e-reader. But I don’t want to spend money on a gadget that requires me… to keep spending money. Hate that.

Solution: Buy an e-reader that lets me download books from the library.

Earlier e-readers didn't offer this money-saving option. John Falcone of CNET helped us compare new ones that do.

Name Barnes & Noble Nook Kobo Touch Sony Reader Pocket Edition
Cost $139 $129 $179
Touch-screen Yes Yes Yes
Battery Up to 2 months Up to 1 month Up to 2 weeks
Capacity Up to 1,000 books Up to 1,000 books Up to 1,200 books

Although Falcone says all three are great options for library downloads, we decided to…

Spend on the Kobo.

The name is weird, but the price is right and it comes in five colors (plus a quilted back—comfy!).

Lend your voice. Do you e-read? What are the pros and cons?