Dating Costs Add Up – But It’s Worth It

First DateThe dating world is strange and competitive: I’ve had enough bad Saturday nights to fill a book. But what’s more shocking is how expensive it can be.

Putting aside the who-pays-when politics, the dating lifestyle alone is pricey–and every single woman should have a separate dating budget. Here’s the breakdown for a city gal like me:

Mani-pedis, waxing $50–$100 per month
Date-worthy clothes, shoes, accessories $500+ per year (My writer’s budget means no Carrie Bradshaw closet!)
Transportation $10+ per late-night cab ride (about $30 a week)
Online dating fees $21+ per month for 6 months
Going out—to a bar, classes, wherever men are $50 per month
TOTAL DATING BUDGET Approx. $300 per month

Is my quote-unquote love life worth $300 a month? Shouldn’t I put that into my retirement account or emergency fund?

In fact, I do put 10% of every paycheck into savings. But dating is a necessity. Spending this money is an investment in my (happily coupled) future and it adds value to my life.

How can I afford it? Sometimes I can’t—and my budget will force me into a dating break. Then my wallet and I spend a cozy night at home, together.

Kiss & tell. How much does your love life cost you?

Simone Grant is a writer/blogger and social media consultant in New York City. She blogs regularly at Sex, Lies and Dating in the City.

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