CEO 101 for Business Owners

CEOLast winter, in “Your Future as a Free Agent,” we coined a phrase many of you found tweet-worthy: Get Your CEO On.

It’s a fun, kick-butt sentiment. What does it mean?

Becoming a CEO—as opposed to just “running your business”—demands that you step into a leadership role for your company, even if you’re self-employed.

“Many women see themselves in relation to the product or service they deliver, and not as the leader of a company,” says Nell Merlino, who runs the Make Mine a Million $ Business initiative.

But, she notes, “It’s a mistake to get lost in the daily grind.”

To get your CEO on, you have to relinquish control of the day-to-day details, by handing them over to contractors, employees, or volunteers.

If you’re self-employed or a consultant, consider ways to outsource administrative tasks like bookkeeping or HTML.

Why? Because “everything you do needs to be tied back to return on investment and income generation,” says business coach Fabienne Fredrickson.

Success doesn’t come from micro-managing what everybody else is doing. It comes from empowering people around you, so that you can focus on what’s going to keep you in business: revenue.

Suit up. Name three ways you can get your CEO on.