To Buy or Not to Buy

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This morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. April Lane Benson, psychologist and author of “To Buy OR Not To Buy: Why We Overshop and How To Stop.” We’re thrilled to bring Dr. Benson into our mix.

Amanda: Why did you write this book?
Dr. Benson:
I believe that there’s a systematic way for people to look at their buying behavior, the reasons behind it, and to realize that they can lead a richer, fuller life devoid of anxiety that comes from overshopping. There’s a way to access “True Wealth” by leveraging non-financial assets — like community, love of nature, relationships — that can really make our hearts sing.

A: How do you define “overshopping?”
Dr. B: When you spend so much energy thinking about or engaging in shopping that it’s impairing your life. That could mean financially, but also interpersonally. Overshopping can lead to needing to work three jobs to pay bills, or simply living in a constant state of being overwhelmed. Spiritually, people ask, is this all there is?

A: How do you feel about over reliance on credit cards?
Dr. B: We need to stop borrowing money and then worrying how to pay it off. Unless you are 100% sure that you can pay the credit card bill off, in full, when it comes, don’t use it. People with overshopping problems should avoid credit cards. We have debit cards, and we should stick to them.

A: How can overshoppers find alternatives to shopping?
Dr. B: What is it that you’re really shopping for? How else can you find that stimulation? Are you lonely? Where else can you find people? Bored? Where else do you find stimulation? Ask yourself: What is it about being at the store that really turns you on?

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