Your Holiday Savings Plan Starts Now

After Shopping

Remember last year, when you vowed to start that holiday savings account sooner—to relieve stress and prevent a giant Visa hangover? Now’s your chance!

Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season, is 128 days away, on November 25. Whatever your budget, you’ve got 18 weeks to stash your cash. That spells s-a-n-i-t-y.You want to save…Save per daySave per week $300 $2.50 $17 $500 $4 $28 $700 $6 $39 If it feels too hot to focus on the holidays, remember that with 18 weeks to build your savings, you won’t break a sweat.

Open a free online savings account for gifts only, or a sub-account with your bank. Every Monday, transfer your target amount, using the table above as a guide. Or make the process even easier by setting up automatic transfers.

Come Black Friday, you’ll have a belly full of turkey and a holiday account full of spending money.