Taking DailyWorth from Community to Movement

Amanda TAFHellooooo everyone!

The heat has finally broken here in Philly, and I’m feeling a bit revolutionary.

Did I ever share with you why I started DailyWorth? The idea emerged from a combination of experiences: awe of the super-women in my life, and a deep frustration with our seeming inability to recognize our own worth.

My friend Lisa, a newly minted non-profit director, took a way-below-market salary and couldn’t afford her rent. My friend Tammy, a marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies, avoided invoicing her clients for fear her work was subpar (it’s not).

Rather than try to shake these friends to their senses, I started DailyWorth to inspire women (including myself) to be financially accountable—and value ourselves.

Does financial worth lead to self-worth? Not by itself. But it’s one crucial way in which we create choices in our lives.

Two years later, more than 100,000 women read DailyWorth. What are we creating?

We think DailyWorth is a movement of women claiming financial responsibility—a support network of women setting ambitious goals. Envision a world of financially-empowered women. That’s what we’re working toward.

Please consider sharing DailyWorth with your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters. Invite women in your life to recognize their self-worth and to build financial net worth.

As a token of our gratitude, we will send you our new e-book, “Money Rules, A DailyWorth Guide” to say thank you for sharing DailyWorth.

Help us build a generation of women who know their worth and will grow their worth.

Peace and prosperity,

Amanda Steinberg
DailyWorth Founder and CEO   Crowdsource change. Help us write our manifesta. What does a movement about women’s financial freedom mean to you?

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