A New Book Explains: Money Can Be Freeing

The Art of Earning

A few years ago, A few years ago, Tara Gentile made $28,000 a year working in retail. She left her job to pursue her own business—and now her income clears six figures.

In her new name-your-own-price e-book, The Art of Earning, Gentile reveals the process of her own transformation around money and earning, and guides you in re-framing the way you think about your financial life.

Grab your journal (or a Word doc) and answer these questions: 

How could earning more money result in more creativity in your life? What would you have more time to explore?


Are you willing to step into leadership or power before the money starts flowing? What would open up for you? How would your actions be different?


What product or service would you offer if failure wasn’t a possibility?

Faith, creativity and meaning require space—and money creates that space. Rather than focusing on earning for the sake of income, Gentile’s message is a reminder that money can and should be enjoyed for the greater good it makes possible.

Free your mind. How do you want to change the way you think about money and earning?

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