Your Fall Reading Assignment

Book KneesWith fall nearly here, it’s time to set aside the summer beach reads and move on to more serious fare. (But did you read The Paris Wife? Good stuff.)

So what about an investing book? Before you recoil in horror, let us direct you to the classic (and recently revised) book by Andrew Tobias: The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Here’s what’s great about it: It’s funny. It’s easy to read. It’s not boring.

First published in the late ‘70s, the book has been updated every few years since. For the most part, it takes a common-sense, trust-nobody-but-yourself, there’s-no-need-to-do-anything-too-fancy approach to basic personal finance. (Despite the title, it covers more than just investing.) His overview of the messy bond world is particularly enlightening.

Do we agree with all of Tobias’ advice? No. (In the cutting-costs chapter, opting for a cubic zirconia engagement ring over a diamond did not fly with one DailyWorth editor.) But for the most part, we think that the roughly $8.30 that is charging for the book will more than pay for itself with some well-reasoned financial advice.

And you won’t need a carafe of coffee to get through it.

Reading list: What investing books would you recommend to AssetClass readers? photo source: mosdurf’s shop on etsy