5 Places to Cut Yourself Off

Etsy_No Spend ZoneTrying to rein in your spending? Forget vague vows like “tightening your belt” and institute a hardcore No-Spend Zone in just one area. Some ideas:

  • No-Spend Zone 1: When you leave the house. Picking up a prescription? Grabbing pizza—er, groceries? Stick to your to-do list and curb the urge for retail detours.
  • No-Spend Zone 2: Clothes. End-of-summer sales are tempting, but you’ll be grateful that you stashed your cash when temps drop and that cozy new sweater is calling your name.
  • No-Spend Zone 3: With friends. Avoid spendy pals or take control by setting the price point for a night out. Aim for half-off happy-hour drinks, or host a potluck dinner with a fun food theme. (Now’s your chance to have the All-Cheese Extravaganza.)
  • No-Spend Zone 4: Online. A recent, highly unscientific DailyWorth poll revealed that slow afternoons prompt unnecessary online purchases. Remove retail sites from your bookmarks and unlink your credit cards from the websites.
  • No-Spend Zone 5: Kids. Always bring snacks. Cut out the token toy at the grocery store. Buy kids’ clothes and shoes on consignment or work the hand-me-down angle.

Cheap out. Where do you need a No-Spend Zone?


photo source: fatoldsunshine’s shop on etsy