3 Free Investing Apps

iPhone App Screenshots From left: Chaiken Power Tools, Retire Logix, and Market Millionaire. Today’s task: Find three fabulous and free smartphone apps that can make us better investors.

Truth? It was slim pickings.

Don’t get us wrong: the apps below are great. But our cup did not exactly runneth over with alternatives.

Granted, many brokerages have terrific apps that can help their customers invest—if not necessarily better, then at least more conveniently. But you have to make your own call (ha, ha) as to whether you’re comfortable accessing personal financial information on your phone.

Lots of popular financial web sites also have excellent apps for tracking news, stock prices and market performance, like Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Google Finance and The Motley Fool.

But we were looking for three fresh, creative apps that you’ve probably never heard of. Let us know what you think of these:

Chaikin Power Tools: Are investors bullish, bearish or somewhere in-between on, say, Apple? Cool graphics make this easy to track and fun to play with. (There’s also a trading feature on this app, but only for those with a brokerage account at OptionsXpress.) Works with: iPhone.

Retire Logix: Retirement planning is crazy mix of investment returns, social security, taxes, inflation – should we go on? Fiddle with the various factors. Works with: iPhone.

Market Millionaire: Got $100,000 to invest? Here you do, in play money anyway. Compete with other users to see who will be the most masterful investor! Works with: Android, iPhone.

Phone it in: What financial apps do you recommend?