Get to Know

Have you seen It’s my new favorite blog for all things personal finance. Blogger J.D. Roth describes himself and his work on GetRichSlowly as follows:

Please note that I am not a financial professional. I’m just an average guy who found himself deep in debt. When it finally became too overwhelming, I began reading personal finance books, hoping to find answers. I wanted swift solutions to my problems. My research revealed that few people get rich quickly, but almost anyone can get rich slowly by patiently following some simple rules.

As founder of DailyWorth, I often describe myself similarly: I am not a finance expert. I am not Suze Orman. I am simply a young(ish) mother, wife and business owner frustrated by my seeming inability to create real wealth. Errr, save money. Errr, make ends meet. So I started DailyWorth to find out why, ideally reprogram destructive habits, and to invite other women on the same journey to join me.

Here are a sample of great posts from GetRichSlowly:

I’ve recently emailed Mr. Roth, asking to be a guest blogger. No reply. Maybe one day DailyWorth will be immortalized on this sacred Web space.