TLC to Help Clothes Last

Etsy_Sew in LoveThe clothes and accessories in your wardrobe likely add up to a major investment, and fashion stylist Aretha Busby says a little preventive maintenance will protect those assets—not to mention your available credit.


    • Wash less. Give your washing machine—and your dry cleaner—a break. “Chemicals compromise the fibers in clothes,” Busby says. Wear an outfit two or three times before washing it, especially dresses and suits. Signs you may be dry cleaning too often include: loose buttons, faded colors, or a sheen on the fabric.


    • Hang in there. Not all clothing should be hung up, Busby says. Sweaters and knits should be folded to prevent stretching or misshapen shoulders. “Or you can hang wrap the arms of a garment around the neck of a hanger so gravity isn’t pulling the fabric.” Attach cedar disks to several hangers to keep fabrics like wool and cashmere moth-free.


    • Be sole-ful. Polish your shoes (and leather handbags) regularly with a clear polish that can be used on any color leather. When your heels or toes wear down, don’t replace—repair. Reinforcing the heels and toes of shoes you love won’t cost more than $20 a pair and keeps them wearable for years.



Make it last. How do you keep clothes and accessories looking good as new? Holly Crawford is a writer, editor and creative consultant. She’s the Editor-in-Chief of Houston Brides magazine and a regular contributor to Allure, and Every Day with Rachael Ray. photo source: lladybuggz’s shop on etsy

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