AssetClass to Reflect Many Sides of Worth

Amanda SteinbergDid you know that about 27% of high net-worth individuals around the world are now female?

And the percentage of wealthy women in the United States is higher—about 37%, according to the World Wealth Report—so we’re headed in the right direction.

At least, I hope so.

Many women, and many of you right here on DailyWorth, have a complicated relationship to words like “wealth” or “being wealthy” or “rich.”

No matter how frankly we’ve discussed the downfalls of “Noble Poverty,” or asked you to redefine wealth in your own terms, many of you express fear (or discomfort) around building net worth.

And yet, thousands of you asked us to provide more advanced investing advice—which led us to create AssetClass, our investor edition, earlier this spring.

We realize, in reflection, that AssetClass should expand to serve all aspects of wealth building, including executive career and lifestyle issues, and most important, leadership.

Starting October 10, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with OppenheimerFunds to launch a four-part series on Female Global Thought Leaders—basically, the women who are changing the world we know, as we speak. Sign up for AssetClass today—building self-worth and net worth.

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