Making Your Budget Work

Amanda MP and Katie

Our top budget question is, “How do I get started?” The second: “How do I stick to a budget?”

The truth is, you don’t have to “stick to a budget”; it’s already there (money’s coming in, bills are going out, right?). But you need to make a conscious decision to improve the system.

amanda steinberg

Amanda had an “Aha!” budgeting moment when she realized that she needed two separate debit cards to control spending.

mp dunleavey

MP’s epiphany was several years ago, when she converted to the Save-to-Spend plan, and learned that saving first kept her spending in line.

katie karlson

Or if you’re getting started, try the ballpark budget, which Katie, our staff budget outlaw, did in five minutes on the back of her cell phone bill:

  • Tally your income (if you’re freelance, use an average of the last three months)
  • Add your expenses, including savings.
  • How much is left? Is that enough to cover extras? To nail an emergency fund or other goals? What do you need to adjust?

Share the wealth. What keeps your cash on an even keel? Best budget tips or ideas will be featured in an upcoming email.

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