Why the Wall St. Protests Matter

  • By Katie Karlson
  • October 04, 2011

A protester faces the intersection of Broadway and Liberty in downtown Manhattan A protester faces the intersection of Broadway and Liberty in
downtown Manhattan.
Occupy Wall Street, a movement against corporate greed, is making headlines in some two dozen cities around the world.

But like many people, I couldn’t tell what this so-called leaderless movement was supposed to accomplish—even after spending a day in Manhattan’s financial district.

Apparently in the age of social media (check out the Twitter page and hashtag #occupywallstreet), building a movement doesn’t require a clear message.

But maybe that’s all to the good.

After the giant corporate bailouts, millions of Americans have been mired in frustration. For four years, people felt like there was nowhere to turn, nothing you could say to make a difference.

Now, thanks to thousands who have seized the media spotlight, we all can use this 15 minutes of fame to speak out about the vital financial issues facing us today, whether that’s the need for greater corporate accountability, jobs or long-term economic reform.

"I'm an educated person, I'm really hard-working, and I can barely afford rent," said Lindsey Personette, a protester. "I have three jobs and I can't afford health insurance. So many people are struggling."

Say it loud. What changes do you most want to see on Wall Street?