DailyWorth Round Up: Recession!

woman sitting under tree


DailyWorth is growing up. We recently launched our anonymous discussion forum, and explode with collective glee every time we see a new forum post. We’re blogging at least three times a week. Given that Cristina, Galia and I are all moms, it’s amazing we manage to blog at all (Quick, husband isn’t looking! Whip out that iPhone and type, woman, type! “I’m just ordering diapers, dear”).

Yesterday, we added a “Most Popular” posts widget to the right side of the DailyWorth blog. Much to our surprise, the first two posts have “recession” in the title.

And the next two are about cutting spending.

We’re using this data (what’s most popular on our website) to inform our editorial direction for the Spring. Expect more DailyWorth tips on recession-proofing your life.

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