Hacking the Laptop vs. Tablet Debate

Woman JugglerThey’re small, they’re sleek—and everyone seems to be buying them (it’s rumored that 250,000 Kindle Fires have been pre-sold already). But do you really need to add to your pile of gadgets?

In some instances, yes.

    • Fun factor. Most tablets (for now) are geared more toward email, web-based entertainment, and social media. If that’s your focus, you could save hundreds by buying a tablet instead of a new laptop for yourself or a family member.


    • Easy travel. Tablets are ultra-light (they slip into a purse) and have double the battery power of a laptop (eight hours or more). While you may not be able to work comfortably on all programs, you can easily read documents and send email from your tray table. Or watch back-to-back episodes of 30 Rock.


Keep in mind:

    • If you want to replace your laptop, it’s smart to go with a more sophisticated (and expensive) tablet so you don’t sacrifice storage capacity or capability. This article is a great comparison shopping guide.


    • If what you really want is an e-reader, resist the tablet’s glossy appeal and save with a Kindle ($79), Nook ($139), or Kindle Touch ($99).


Touch base. Do you think buying a tablet is worth it? Are you feeling electronics fatigue?

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