A Tribute to Women – Know Your Worth

Here’s Rha’s spoken-word tribute to the amazing women (you) who read DailyWorth:

If you can’t watch the video of Rha’s performance, here’s the poem—feel free to share it—please link back to DailyWorth when you do.

Know Your Worth
A Love Poem for the Women of

Written by Rha Goddess

“You Deserve the Best”
That’s why my mother always stuffed
An extra $5 in my bobbie socks
For bubble gum, sweet tarts, fire balls and lollie pops
Candy coated love turned
“buy yourself something nice” money
“just in case you see something you like” money
“later for him—he’s acting funny,
Girl-u-betta-get-home-safe” a/k/a—mad money
a next level security deposit on “your own pad honey!” money

Ladies, you know…
The Protection…..
That watchful mother hens dole out
When they breed
Risk takers
Planetary Movers-Shakers
I’m talking about
Bold Women
Who kick the shards of glass ceilings out from underneath their stilettos
And hum lullabies to their sons and daughters in the latest tune
Of Rhiana
I’m talking ‘bout
Courageous Women
Who don’t take “No” for an answer

Who keep their eyes on the prize
But never forget they’re on the road less travelled

I’m talking—Empowered Women
Who will seize their moment of (r)evolution
Put it all on the line—not just to build a venture
But to spark the next feminine movement

To all my women…
Supa-dupa fly women…
Do whatever it takes to make it happen
Right Now! women
On this auspicious DailyWorth occasion
These are my wishes for you

May your dollars never outweigh your sense
May you always understand that the endgame is liberation
And may you forever Know Your Worth
From the inside-out!

About This Poem

by Amanda Steinberg, Founder & CEO of DailyWorth

Self-worth is closely connected to net worth, and women in particular need support and inspiration to value themselves and their money. I realized this in 2008, when I attended a seminar on women and money led by a woman named Rha Goddess, a long-time mentor and meditation teacher of mine (she’s also a pioneering hip-hop artist and entrepreneur).

It was at that seminar that the idea, and the mission, behind DailyWorth was born.

Rha has mentored me, and nurtured DailyWorth, since its inception. At a recent party in downtown Manhattan celebrating DailyWorth’s growth, Rha wowed the crowd with a stirring poem about women, self-power and money.

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