Where Has All the Money Gone?

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for not booking that Mexico trip this year, and for buying the 8 GB iPhone instead of the 16 GB iPhone. Then once you’re done congratulating yourself, sit back and look at the bigger picture. Are you spending less than you’re making? Grab an old-fashioned No. 2 pencil and start writing down what you spend. Know where your money goes. Check out “Budgeting for Lazy People” on TheFool.com
Got a budget, but still not making ends meet? Despite our best planning efforts, we’re still at risk when it comes to unexpected annual expenses like a new computer, a massive dental bill, or car repairs. Here’s a snarky article from TheFool.com that spells it out: www.fool.com/personal-finance/saving/budgeting-for-lazy-people.aspx

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