What If the Holiday of Your Dreams Came True?

Holiday of Your Dreams

Every year you hope and plan for the best possible holiday. And every year (it seems) it never quite works out—whether it’s due to expensive flights, mad work hours, family pressure, not enough money, or all of the above.

But what if money and time were no object? What if you could create the holiday of your dreams—now. What would it look like, feel like, even smell like?

Maybe you’d…

    • Fly the whole family to Veracruz (or Vermont).


    • Amass a huge pile of shiny presents under the tree—surprises for everyone, even neighbors.


    • Enjoy a Martha-quality gourmet meal—cooked by someone else!


    • Rent a giant house, fly in friends and relatives you rarely get to see, and just hang.


    • Do something totally different from what we’ve listed here.


However you imagine that wonderful day (or week), share it with us now. Paint the holiday of your dreams—OR, if you’re one of the lucky ones who have actually experienced a dream holiday, tell us what made it magical.

Who knows … with a dash of holiday inspiration, dreams sometimes have a way of coming true.

Dream big. Tell us in sparkling detail what your dream holiday would be (or what it was like, if you made it happen)!

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