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Trick or Treat

We’re about to make your Halloween even more spook-tacular with two exciting announcements:

  1. Talk, talk, talk. We’re rolling out a cool, new discussion platform called Disqus. Now you can:
    • Reply directly to other comments
    • Upload photos
    • Sort comments by most popular or most recent

    Also, Disqus lets you login using a specific handle—i.e. your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Or click “Post As…” at the bottom of the comments box to comment as a Guest. Try it and tell us what you think.

    Your privacy is important to us! So even if you use another login, you can still check a box to remain anonymous. (The exception is that you cannot stay anonymous if you’re already logged in through an existing Disqus account.)

  2. Tip it over. Have a great story idea or a money topic you want us to cover? Just click the link in the “Submit a Tip” box (on the right side of each email) to share your idea directly with our editors.

And last, a big cross-country THANK YOU to all who have been sharing their thoughts for the Holiday of Your Dreams series! Seriously, some of the most moving and amazing stories ever.

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