How to Get to the Other Side

The Other Side What would help you get out of debt?

When we asked 3,700 DailyWorth readers, in the recent survey we did with SavvyMoney, a surprising 34% said they wished they had a debt coach.

Why? “Because it’s easy to get stuck on the minutiae of paying down debt,” says Jean Chatzky, national money expert and author of “Money 911.”

Give yourself a boost and focus on the joys of living debt-free, Chatzky advises:

    • You’ll live a fuller life. A full 60% of readers felt that being in debt prevented them from really enjoying life. Picture what you’d put your energy into when your debts were paid.


    • You’ll save money. Using 30% or less of your total available credit can boost your credit score—below 10%, the ratio FICO likes to see, is even better. A higher score means you could save on loans.


  • You’ll feel better. Some 62% said debt added unwanted emotional stress (no kidding). Imagine the relief when you’re not dodging big credit card bills.

You can get there from here. What does your “life after debt” look like?