4 Steps Closer to Saving $1,000!

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Last week, we asked you to join us to save $1,000 in six weeks with the power of Mint.com. Here are four tips to get you halfway there—a full $500 in savings. You can do it—it’s only for six more weeks!

  • Eat your own food. Spending $7 every workday for lunch adds up to $35 per week. If you eat dinner out (or order in) twice a week, that’s another $20 (minimum) each time. Cut back to three lunches and one dinner out each week.
    Potential 6-week savings: $246
  • Give up the big screen. Your cable provider may let you suspend service for one to six months (we called around to several companies). You won’t be billed, and you can keep your equipment. Or just cancel cable—you’ll have to return some equipment, but if you keep your Internet, you can still stream some shows!
    Potential 6-week savings: $90—$150
  • Dumb down your smart phone. Most wireless carriers let you change plans anytime. Exchange your $100/month unlimited plan for a $50 mid-range plan with restricted minutes, unlimited texting and no data—a minor inconvenience.
    Potential 6-week savings: $75
  • Park your car. The average American drives 29 miles a day. With gas at $3.50 a gallon (average), you spend about $5.50 to drive every day. Carpool or use public transit just two weekdays to save $11 each week in gas.
    Potential 6-week savings: $66


*All savings are potential, not exact, and could be more or less depending on your habits.

Brag about it. How are you saving so far?

photo source: JayHell’s shop on Etsy

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