Your Pre-New Year’s Must-Dos

Starting Line Set yourself up for success in 2012. Here, part two of the DailyWorth Ready-Set-Go! Guide for your money.

Great! You’ve given your finances the “Back to the Future” treatment. The next step to get ahead for 2012?

Set priorities and anticipate liabilities. Here’s how:

    • Admit the obvious. There’s no point in being blindsided by expenses you can anticipate now, whether it’s attending a wedding, paying your taxes or planning (now!) for the inevitable Camp Gap.


    • Put money down. You can’t set aside cash for everything coming up, but you can mark them on your calendar or open a small side savings account.


  • Be selfish. Last week readers offered a lot of good advice, but our favorite was this: Take care of yourself.

Specifically: While there are events and expenses you can anticipate, and plenty to do in preparation, we all need to be braced for the unknown.

That means looking ahead to 2012 and saying, “I’m going to make this a safer year, a year where I can sleep better, knowing I’ve saved a bit on the side to cover what I can’t see coming.”

Get going. What groundwork are you going to lay for 2012, right now?

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