Retro Gifts Guys Will Love

He loves his rogue past. He won’t give up the motorcycle boots. His man cave is decked out with old arcade games. This year, bring him back to those simpler times—for under $50.

Coca Cola Mug

A Classic. ($14.99, Retro Planet)
“I’d like to buy the world a Coke…” Sing it, baby. Or just let him relive the victorious battle of yore, when Classic Coke conquered the evil “New” Coke.

Literary iPhone Case

Read this. ($35, Uncommon Goods)
Forget New Releases! Indulge his love for the literary greats with these iPhone cases that feature the books’ original artwork. They might even inspire him to finish that manuscript he’s been working on for the past 10 years.

Vinyl Record Coasters

Spin it. ($11.99, Perpetual Kid)
Men with vinyl collections are cool (while guys holding onto cassettes are creepy and have weird facial hair). These record coasters will prove his point, and, er, protect the furniture.

Rubix Cube Salt and Pepper Shakers

Shake it. ($15, Uncommon Goods)
Sure, he was never able to solve the Rubik’s Cube, but he’s gotten over it, right? Sure! These Rubik’s Cube salt & pepper shakers are a true nod to the 80’s and will add a fun pop of color to his meal the next time he’s hungry like the wolf.

Tear it off. What are some of your favorite guy gifts this year? (And do you think guys are harder to buy for, or women?)

Amanda Waas is the creator of the You’re Welcome gift blog.

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