Enter to Win a $2,000 Spending Spree!

Imagine a holiday season, free of financial stress. Imagine a windfall that gave you enough breathing room to just…relax and enjoy yourself!

We knew you’d love that idea just as much as we did—which is why we decided to launch the first-ever DailyWorth Holiday of Your Dreams Miracle Giveaway! Here’s the deal:

Five lucky winners will score $1,000 to splurge at Target this year—plus AN ADDITIONAL $1,000 next year.

That’s right: two thousand bucks, to spend however you wish at Target or Target.com. (Deck the halls, get decked out, buy new deck furniture—whatever you want!)

To enter, go here and put in your email address. Even if you’ve already entered by setting up a $1,000 savings goal with Mint.com, you can still get more entries—just go here and put in your email address and share this contest with friends.

Here’s how: When you enter, you’ll get a unique web address that you can share with friends and family by pasting it into an email, or posting it on Twitter and Facebook.

Every time someone enters using your unique URL, you get an extra chance to win!

If that doesn’t spell “holiday spirit,” what does?

Sweet dreams: If you won, how would you spend $1,000 this year?

Enter the Holiday of Your Dreams Miracle Giveaway + get extra entries by telling friends.

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