DailyWorth Shares Their Savings

How’s your holiday savings bonanza working out? Are you anywhere near that $1,000 mark?

The DailyWorth team is saving—and earning extra holiday cash—right along with you! See our collective update below—and join us, if you haven’t already! We still have a full 31 days left—and when you set up your savings goal on Mint.com, you get 10 extra chances to win a $1,000 shopping spree at Target for this year and next.

MP Dunleavey, Editor-in-Chief
I’m behind—but catching up now. I just set up a $100 weekly transfer to my ING Direct “Gifts” account. That’s on top of all our other savings, FYI (vacation, emergency fund, etc.). So I’m not a slacker—I’ll get to $600—but I will still need to come up with another $400.

Hilary Fetter, Director of Marketing
Since I’m already saving so much—$900 per month for my wedding, $400 a month for furnishing our new house, $1500 a month toward credit-card debt—I decided not set up an extra holiday goal right now. Plus I do DIY holiday gifts, which saves me a ton of money, too.

Katie Karlson, Staff Writer & Editor
Cutting down on superfluous food (do I really need s’mores?) helped me shave about $50 off my $200 monthly grocery bill. But I just got paid from a big freelance project, so I put an extra $500 toward my student loans and added the other $500 to savings. I’m halfway there!

Jen Lee, Account Manager
I cook most of my meals at home already, but to save a little more, I’ll make a hearty soup that lasts a week, instead of a salmon dish that lasts only a day or two. I’ve also been adding $20 to my savings account every day (with a few exceptions)—and so far I’ve saved an extra $240.

Sara Rasmussen, VP of Sales
Instead of giving gifts this year, I’m hosting my family for a big holiday dinner. Even after the cost of food, that saves me about $300. My boyfriend and I are saving toward the trip we take every holiday season, and this year we started using a shared spreadsheet in Google Docs so we can easily track our expenses. Right now we’re 70% of the way to our goal and won’t have to worry about over-spending while we’re enjoying vacation.

Elizabeth Schenck, Sales Assistant
I’m using sites like Care.com and SitterCity.com to find occasional babysitting gigs, and I’m putting all my cash from them into savings—so far I’ve accumulated $150. And instead of “bar hopping” with friends (and paying $8-plus for drinks), my friends and I have switched to BYOB restaurants.

Amanda Steinberg, Founder & CEO
I started saving for the holidays in July, and had $600 saved! And then my hectic October and November travel schedule munched an additional $300 in babysitting. Working-mom guilt aside, I wish I had more than $300 left, but I’m sticking hard to my bank budget, and I just landed a speaking gig, so I’m optimistic.

Let it out. What have you been doing to save $1,000? What obstacles have you run into?