Avoid Holiday Impulse Buys

Mouse Trap

The smarter you get, the more retailers try to outsmart you.

Although a new study from Deloitte shows that 90% of people know what they’re buying before they get to a store (and about 66% shop when products are on sale)—anxious retailers are coming up with new ways to get you to give into impulse buys.

Some, like Foot Locker, have honed their sales techniques so you’re more likely to chat with store associates (increasingly the likelihood that you’ll buy).

Others, like Old Navy, have changed their store layouts to encourage you to browse longer and buy on impulse.

Fight back!

  • Know your limit. Most people have an impulse-buy threshold of, say, $20. If an item costs less than your limit, you won’t think twice before buying it. Red flag: Beware when the phrase, “Heck, it’s only 20 bucks” crosses your brain.
  • Revive time-honored smart-shopping techniques. Like Mom said, don’t shop when you’re hungry and always bring a list.
  • Beware of big carts. Many stores provide ginormous carts now, with the result that shoppers spend as much as 40% more than with the old carts, says Martin Lindstrom, author of the new book, Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy.

    How about a basket?

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