6 Golden Rules for a Job Hunt

Why fit in when you we're born to stand out

DailyWorth is hiring—and the experience has gotten us thinking about lessons we’ve learned from hundreds of job applications we’ve vetted over the last two years. From us to you, our six top tips for a successful job hunt:

    • Prove that you can use Google. Research the company and the position you’re applying (and don’t address the hiring manager as Mr. if she’s a Ms.). Trust us, the more savvy you seem, the more you’ll stand out.


    • You are the answer. Don’t blather on about your job skills in the cover letter; use that precious space to explain why you and your experience, specifically, are a great fit for the company and position in question.


    • Keep it clean. Unless it’s requested, don’t attach your cover letter in your email or online application—it’s cumbersome. Write a short, pithy note in the body of the email, and attach your resume only.


    • Check yourself. You know that bad grammar is a no-no. But avoid other obvious faux pas, like poor vocabulary or mixing up which position you’re applying for. This guide will help.


    • Get verb-happy. You’ve heard it before: using verbs makes your applications stronger. But for pete’s sake use the right verbs!


  • Go for quality, not quantity. Sending a blizzard of identical job apps WON’T LAND YOU A JOB. Take the time to craft the letter and application for each position.


School us. Share your best small-but-important job hunt Dos and Don’ts with us. Pronto! Photo Source: ChattyNora’s shop on Etsy