How to Build Confidence with Subtle Shifts

If confidence increases your ability to earn and save money, how can we help you build confidence in 2013?

We tapped author and motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein for advice. She believes that to create wealth, we need to regularly reflect on our own beliefs and behaviors.

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If you can’t watch right now, here are some quick takeaways:

    • DailyWorth readers are already awake to their value. Still, it’s always possible to amp things up.


    • Be as honest as possible about how you are still getting in your own way when it comes to money. And, be open to change.


    • Remember to be grateful for what you do have. When you’re grateful for what you do have, you create more of what you want.


  • Try on subtle shifts, not dramatic changes.

Gabrielle’s new book, “May Cause Miracles,” has a chapter dedicated to DailyWorth called “Raise Your Self Worth, Raise Your Net Worth.”

Cheers to your abundance. What subtle shifts will you make it in 2013?

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