Why I’m in Awe of Women

We spent the last week celebrating women.

In case you missed it, we spent the last week celebrating women.

We started off with a look into the financial implications of the International Women’s Strike and A Day Without A Woman. We thought it was important to recognize the experiences of all different women in relation to the strike — those who decided to participate, those who felt they couldn’t, and those who chose not to. We received a wide range of comments on this piece and it’s clearly an important dialogue to continue.

The next day, we told the story of Migdalia Rivera, a Latina woman and single mom who participated in the strike, along with many other women — writers, mothers, entrepreneurs, teachers, even a group of very “punny” smoothie shop workers.

After learning how much it would cost the country if all paid women took off work for a single day — $21 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) — we wanted to further explore women’s contribution to the U.S. economy.

We weren’t disappointed: More and more women are becoming CEOs, launching their own businesses, or even just realizing the power of their own ambition. It was inspiring to say the least.

Next up, we heard from Suzanne Muchin, host of The Big Payoff podcast. Muchin talks about the ever-changing social media landscape and how one photographer is breaking down unrealistic expectations of beauty for girls around the world.

And yesterday, we laid out five pieces of legislation every woman should know, from the notable and contentious Roe v. Wade to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to the right to vote. While these may be a given to some of us, it’s important to know them, study them, and recognize their power.

This concludes our official week on women, though as our loyal readers know we’ll never stop celebrating, empowering, and supporting women.

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