Fast Company

How To Combine Networking and Playdates

Between meeting work deadlines and taking care of your children, how are you supposed to find time to invest in building new relationships, too? One option is to involve the kids. I stumbled on this idea a few years ago when talking with Amanda Steinberg, founder and CEO of DailyWorth, a financial website for women, and WorthFM, an investment platform launching this year.

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Financial Advisor IQ

Women-Focused Robo-Advisors Poised to Launch

The introduction of robo-advisors tailoring wealth management services specifically to women, while also addressing the lack of products that women are happy with.

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The Atlantic

For Sale (to Women Only)

If Amanda Steinberg is correct, women are similarly looking for financial help that is tailored to their specific situations and needs. That will provide a kind of “value added” that a lady-pen does not.

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The New York Times

Financial Advice for Women, From Women

Amanda Steinberg — founder of DailyWorth, along with Michelle Smith — CEO of Source Financial Advisors, set out to introduce their new robo-advisor for women, Worth Financial Management.

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Compounded Interest: Expanding A Financial Web Site For Women

Steinberg brings a unique voice to DailyWorth, based on her own experiences raising two young children and running Soapbxx, a 10-person Web design firm in Philadelphia.

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