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Releasing Shame Around Limitation

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Last week I was in Whole Foods. On the rare occasion I'm feeling flush, it's the first place I want to go. Thanks to my bankcard budget,... Read Now

A Budgeting Solution to Keep You Sane

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I’ve always been a yo-yo budgeter. Some months I'd be the DailyWorth poster-child for clarity; in other months I'd fall into a Money... Read Now

This Fourth, Look Ahead (Not Backward)

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So you have $80,000 in student-loan debt for a degree you’re not using. So you ignored your credit-card payments for three months because... Read Now

3 Tips for Wannabe Self-Employers

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So you want to leave your comfy corporate job—give up your regular paycheck and run the risk of going months without income. Can you... Read Now