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Step 5: Unclog the Gift Backlog

Gift redbox
Amanda Steinberg is the founder of DailyWorth. My friends send me the best presents on my birthday. Last year Heather sent me a hula... Read Now

DailyWorth selected to campaign with Estee Lauder

Bca hair
On August 12th, I was invited to participate in an Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness campaign shoot. Here are some photos from the... Read Now

Cell Phone Plans for Tweens and Teens

Kids texting
  Bzzzzzzzzzzzz—your 9 year-old just sent you a text... We’re spotting kids as young as 7 years old with cell phones. How do you choose a... Read Now

Stop Wasting Time on Things That Will Never Make You Money

Content time is money 320x212
Fact check It drives me crazy when I talk to entrepreneurs who are stubbornly attached to projects, ideas, services, blogs—without a... Read Now