How Much Is Beauty Worth To You?

We asked a self-described beauty addict to cut her budget in half. Here’s what happened.

Shut Up About my $200 Haircut

I pay $200 for someone to cut my hair. There, I said it.  Before you make a beeline for the comment field to tell me why this is a huge waste of money, let me explain why I feel it is money well-spent. First, looking good makes me feel more...

Can Expensive Beauty Treatments Save You in the Long Run?

You might be surprised. We break down the long-term costs of more than 20 products and services.

3 Skin-Saving Treatments That Can Save You Money Too

A few years ago, I was writing a story for Vogue magazine on new skincare treatments, when I got the straight dope in hushed tones from a top-rated Manhattan cosmetic surgeon. Only three things actually work, she said: exfoliation, retinol and...

How to Put Some Money in Your Designer Bags

Most women think of the dividends their handbag might yield in terms of looks and style. But a real power bag can also return some of the hundreds (or thousands) you put into it when you tap into the high-end resale market.   “Classic, covetable...

9 Beauty Classics—from CVS

OK, you won't find a spritzer of Chanel No. 5 at your local drugstore—but you can still score amazing beauty booty with our guide to these skin-care and makeup mainstays.     1. Eucerin Aquaphor, $5.39 WHAT IT DOES Everything from healing dry,...

BB Cream: The Multi-tasking Makeup

Hope springs eternal, especially when it comes to the quest for glowing skin. The new hybrid skin-care trend might help. Why apply foundation, concealer, moisturizer, serums, primer, and more—if you can get a product that does it all?Here’s to a...

How Botox Made Me Happier

Around about 2010, I’d had it. The recession had gouged my husband’s income and mine—and we were flat-out broke. As a fretful, 40-something breadwinner for a family of five, I did what no one in my position should: I looked in the mirror. Worry...