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The Unexpected Ways Your Bad Boss Brings You Down

4231 ways your bad boss is hurting you thumb
If you’ve ever had a bad boss, you’re not alone (just read through comments from other DailyWorth readers to see how common this is).... Read Now

Too Many of Us Have a Sexual Harassment Story

4221 sexual harassment at work stories thumb
We wish that our call for sexual harassment stories came back with no replies. But instead, so many of our readers had experiences to... Read Now

How to Ask for Anything in 7 Simple Steps

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There’s never a guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you want — but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. For a lot of us, though,... Read Now

I’m Glad I Quit My Job Without a Backup Plan

4198 quitting my abusive job was the best thing i ever did thumb
Liz* had hired me as an editorial assistant at the small press founded by her husband. A quirky pair, they’d brought their German... Read Now