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How Can I Get More Control Back at Work?

Stressed woman at desk with piles of paperwork web
I have the frustrating ability to begin a project with enthusiasm and excitement, but then the first distraction, interruption, hurdle... Read Now

How Do I Present a Long, Windy Career on a Resume?

Two happy businesswomen smiling and shaking hands web
“I am 57 years old, and I'm concerned that my resume goes back too far and may be too long. When the high-tech company I worked for went... Read Now

How Will Declaring Personal Bankruptcy Affect My Business?

Woman sitting on floor with crumpled papers web
“I’m only 29 years old, but I purchased a car with a high-interest rate and am now behind in my payments and may have to declare... Read Now

My New Staff Resents Me — What Do I Do?

Businesspeople in a meeting focus on one woman web
I recently started a new job where I manage a department of five people. One person on my team applied for my role but didn’t get it —... Read Now