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11 Acts of Courage That Will Inspire You

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One act of courage can change your entire future. I know, because it happened to me. When I was 21 and the ink on my college degree... Read Now

Pay Off Your Debt for Good This Time

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There is an enemy amongst us, my friends. Its name? Revolving Debt. You might know it by other names: Plastic fantastic, Charge! or... Read Now

10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Pajamas

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If you’ve been looking for an upside to the Great Recession, here it is: More and more employers are embracing telecommuting and... Read Now

It’s Not Too Late: 8 Stunningly Successful Second Acts

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I’ve often thought it presumptuous at least, a huge mistake at worst, to ask an 18 year old to lock herself into a college major and... Read Now