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My Shopping Addiction Nearly Destroyed My Life

3994 my shopping addiction nearly destroyed my life thumb
I’ve always really loved things. It’s never mattered much what kind of things, as long as they were new to me. From the time I was small,... Read Now

How Working Can Make Your Life Better — Beyond the Paycheck

3989 4 ways work makes you happy 1
It may sound counterintuitive, but your job can be a source of happiness and well-being. Conversely, being unemployed has negative... Read Now

The Stark Economic Reality of Being Transgender

3982 the cost of discrimination against transgender people thumb
At the end of last year, Rolling Stone declared 2014 “The Biggest Year in Transgender History,” noting increased representation of trans... Read Now

Thriving in the Workplace With a Learning Disability

3976 thriving in the workplace with a learning disability thumb
As a child I realized that I was not able to learn to read like other kids. This realization came with instant shame and was magnified by... Read Now