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The Warning Signs of Financial Abuse

3720 the warning signs of financial abuse 1
[Editor's Note: The following piece contains descriptions of graphic violence.] One hot summer afternoon, 15-year-old Nancy Salamone was... Read Now

10 Stealthy Ways to Find Out Your Partner’s Income

3707 10 ways to find out your partner s income 1
Do you know how much your partner makes? If you don’t, you’re not alone: In a 2015 survey of more than a thousand couples (either married... Read Now

I’m Going to Become My Boyfriend’s Boss — What Do I Do?

3657 what to do when you work with your boyfriend 1 2
I’m currently dating a coworker and everything has been fine so far. It’s a small company, we’re open about the relationship, and... Read Now

I Don’t Regret My Secret Work Romance

3665 how my secret work romance blossomed into marriage 1
David and I were “Watergate babies.” When Republican operatives broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the... Read Now