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Everything You Need to Know About Divorce Mediation

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More than 800,000 married couples divorce each year in the U.S., according to government figures. And not only do most of those divorces... Read Now

How I Got Divorced Without Spending a Fortune

4149 what to expect during divorce mediation thumb
After watching friends endure a years-long divorce battle with aggressive lawyers who seemed to escalate the conflict more than resolve... Read Now

I’m Not Okay With My Partner Paying for Everything

4143 i m not okay with my partner paying for everything thumb
When the company I was working for decided to restructure my department, I understood my time there was up. My fiancé, an entrepreneur... Read Now

How to Handle Awkward Situations With Your Work Friends

4136 how to deal with awkward social situations at work 1
Having friends at work is a blessing: You have someone to eat lunch with, a sounding board for ideas, and a supportive shoulder to lean... Read Now