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Seq update...Snack scandal & more

Government cuts web
Why is it called a sequester? Putting aside the name issue (fiscal cliff, sequester, what next?), the big S boils down to about $85... Read Now

V-Day Gets a Refresh

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Modern women need a V-day upgrade. Rather than overspend on cheap chocolate or a prix fixe dinner, let’s channel some of that romantic... Read Now

Smart Shopping Hacks for Great Deals

Woman on sofa with shoes
You want those Gucci Chain-link sunglasses.  But they are $330 retail. Ouch. Still, they’d make you look like a CEO and feel like... Read Now

The Easiest Way to Organize Your Life

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Cluttered closets? Check. File cabinets filled to the brim? Double check. Don’t have time to create the neatly ordered life you crave?... Read Now