Barbara Stanny

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How to Prepare for a Spouse’s Death

I recently heard from a woman whose husband was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her question to me: “What should a woman do before her husband dies?” My heart went out to her, along with my admiration. Death is not easy to talk about, let...

Are You Playing Full Out Financially?

Are You Playing Full Out? It’s an important question. It’s what makes the difference between creating the life of your dreams or settling for mediocrity.  From my interviews with financially successful women, I learned there are two games to play:...

How Slowing Down Can Speed Up Your Success

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”—Ovid I love it when a successful, self-described workaholic admits the error of her ways!  Arianna Huffington comes clean in her new book: Thrive. “I wish I could go back,” she writes,...

The Big Secret to Overcoming Underearning (It’s Not What You Think)

 A lot of women in my Overcoming Underearning workshops tell me they feel guilty about wanting to make more money, as if a profit motive were somehow shameful. I used to struggle with this conflict myself. But that was before I wrote my book,...