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6 Fashion Rules Powerful Women Always Follow

3075 6 fashion rules powerful women always follow 1
We talk about IQ and EQ, but what about your AQ? Aesthetic intelligence, particularly when it comes to the visual aspects of your... Read Now

British Infographic Manages to Be Sexist and Racist in One Fell Swoop

3062 british infographic is sexist and racist in one fell swoop
The do’s and don’ts of business formal (not to mention business casual and business festive) are worth revisiting for a reason: They can... Read Now

Dress Like Your Best Self: 5 Fashion Traps to Avoid

3041 dress like your best self 5 fashion traps to avoid 1
Authenticity. Such a complex word, and one that our closets don’t help simplify. We all aspire to be our “true selves” and yet the... Read Now

Does ‘Dressing Like a Man’ Lead to Greater Success?

3021 rethinking gender and fashion in the workplace promo
Male bosses still make 35 percent more than their female counterparts, but does that mean women should dress like men? And do the clothes... Read Now