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How Can I Establish Power When Leading a New Team?

4191 here s what to do when you re relocating thumb
I'm relocating to a city I've barely visited to join a new company, and I know no one and have zero connections in my new hometown. To... Read Now

What Is Sexual Harassment, and Why Is It So Hard to Report?

4197 why is it hard to report sexual harassment thumb
Sexual harassment isn’t uncommon — it is in fact endemic, especially in male-dominated fields like tech. (If you don’t believe how common... Read Now

Screw Gratitude — It's Getting In the Way of Your Career

3466 how your money story is holding you back thumb
When you’re offered a new job, promotion, or raise, what’s your response? Is it: “Thanks, I’m so appreciative for the chance to work with... Read Now

6 Leading Women on Sexism and Racism in Hollywood

4185 women in hollywood on the pay gap and diversity thumb
Hollywood is facing an “inclusion crisis” on the whole, according to a report by the University of Southern California. Women, people of... Read Now