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Where Do I Form My Business?

Find out what you should be considering before you choose a state

Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Disclaimers

We have all heard those commercials where the drug companies proclaim that taking their headache medicine could actually cause a headache — or worse, heart attack or death. While you may think this is ridiculous and silly (I mean, it is pretty...

Copycats and Copyrights: How to Cover Your Assets

A common scenario keeps occurring in the online business world: people are stealing other people’s intangible assets and online content. In some cases, entire blog posts are being appropriated word-for-word (seriously). In other instances, the...

What You Need to Know About Trademarks

I recently became a student of what I teach: the law. I'm not a trademark attorney, so I'm giving myself a little slack. However, I started a program recently with the name "Lawyer in Your Pocket." My program filled and I finally decided that I...

The Dirty Little Secrets of Client Contracts

As business owners, we all know that we need client contracts. But sometimes, we don’t always know why or what needs to be in them. As a result, we either avoid working with a lawyer, or we just find a generic contract online, modify, and end up...

A Legal Guide for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you know you need something to protect yourself and your company, but what exactly is that something?  When I started my legal consulting business, the most common comment I received from clients was “I have no idea what I...