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The Economic Reasons Why Rape Is Underreported

3743 economic reasons why rape is not reported 1
The decision to report rape or sexual assault is far from simple, and it goes beyond the emotional toll of having to constantly recount... Read Now

Why Having Sex Can Make You Smarter

3737 brain boosting benefits of having sex 1
The same host of hormones and chemicals that turn you on also impact other brain processes that help you think clearly, boost your... Read Now

Birth Control Isn’t a ‘Women’s Issue’ — It’s an Economic Issue

3704 why birth control is an economic issue 1
Birth control is perhaps the biggest asset to female autonomy in modern history, and the ability to access free contraception should be a... Read Now

Money Can Buy Happiness: 5 Purchases That Boost Your Mood

3683 how to boost your happiness 1
An important aspect of the money-happiness connection is the fact that the amount of money you make matters less than how you spend it.... Read Now