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10 Famous Men Embracing Feminism

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The "F" word. Yes, Feminism. Many men fear it — let alone choose to label themselves with it. But here are 10 famous men who truly get... Read Now

Don't Be a Jerk! The Big Dos and Don'ts of Apologizing

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We all screw up sometimes, and that's OK. The best thing to do when you make a mistake is to own up to it and make amends wherever they... Read Now

Warning: Lighting Can Make You Lose Sleep & Money

3107 how winter affects your mood promo
Once the sun, moon, and stars were our only sources of light. Then came fire, and much much later, electricity (and finally, phone screen... Read Now

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Holidays

3100 the entrepreneur s guide to the holidays promo
Balance. It’s a buzzy word. But for many entrepreneurs, the mere thought of balance during the holiday season is stressful in and of... Read Now