Laurie Itkin

The Top 3 Financial Mistakes Made by Female Entrepreneurs

If you’ve made any of these common financial mistakes as an entrepreneur, you’re not alone. Find out how to avoid them to become more successful.

The Smart Decision That Earned This Woman $130,000

You’ve heard this advice before: “Don’t use your 401(k) as a piggy bank.” But according to Fidelity, the largest administrator of 401(k) plans, 35 percent of all Fidelity 401(k) participants cashed out their balances when leaving their jobs in...

The Decision That Helped Make Me a Millionaire

Like any typical child, my mother received an allowance from her father. But unlike a typical child, she received that allowance into her 60’s. He stopped writing her checks only when he died. My mother received financial support from her father...

Does Supporting Women-Led Companies Mean Sacrificing Returns?

Can a compelling argument be made for sacrificing returns in order to support companies that advance women's leadership? We shall soon see with the introduction of the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund (PXWEX), launched by Sallie Krawcheck,...

Should We Buy Life Insurance or Save for College?

My husband and I recently met with an insurance salesman that advised us to purchase several types of life insurance — term and another one. I have life insurance from work and can add my husband to the policy. It’s much more affordable but would...