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The Lost Art of Accountability

Businessperson holding phone and looking at calendar web
For many people, accountability is about knowing who to blame when things don't go as planned. In reality, accountability encompasses... Read Now

Taking Care of Yourself Isn’t Overrated

Woman in sweater relaxing at home web
Self care seems to be a buzzword for women looking to find the strength to "bounce back" and re-energize themselves. No matter the... Read Now

Take Your Happiness Into Your Own Hands

Woman standing on beach smiling with arms held out web
Here's how I changed my entire existence in one day and with one thought: I decided and chose to be happy. Please don't read this or... Read Now

Get More Willpower

Girl gearing up for run web
It seems that the goals we set for ourselves, whether it be losing weight or organizing our home, can be achieved as long as we have the... Read Now