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Why Your Resume Should Only Include 10 Years of Work History

3610 why your resume should only include 10 years of work history 1
Sometimes having too much experience can hurt you. Age discrimination is the most prevalent kind of discrimination in the workplace,... Read Now

How to Answer Bizarre Job Interview Questions

3579 5 weird job interview questions 1
What did you have for breakfast? Job-seekers might get asked this in a job interview. But, according to a new survey of wacky interview... Read Now

Women Are STILL Doing The Majority of Housework

3555 33 of mothers spend 60 hours a week on mom related tasks 1
Mothers rarely, if ever, get a day off. In fact, 25 percent of women and 18 percent of men estimate that their mothers spent more than... Read Now

Parents, You’re Not Tipping Enough!

3495 parents you re not tipping enough 1
What parent hasn’t surveyed the aftermath of a dinner out with the kids — the food chunks on the floor (or smeared on the wall), the... Read Now